Q: I am completely computer illiterate. Is there anything technical I have to do?
A: Absolutely not. I’ll keep you posted every step of the way, and though you may have to decide on a domain name, other than that, it’s easy schmeezy. I do all the geeky work.

Q: While I think about it, what is a domain and why do I need to have it registered?
A: A domain is your unique address on the internet. For example, my domain is https://raindogwebs.ca It is like your mailing address … when you enter that address into your web browser, it takes you directly to your web site.

Q: I have a domain registered, can I use that for my web site?
A: Yes. All I need is the log-in info so I can interface with your registrar and point the DNS to your new web site.

Q: Is a host the same as a domain?
A: No. A domain is merely an address that you register for a yearly fee from a domain registrar. A host is the place where your web site operates. Think of it this way. Your domain is the address to your house, while the host is the property your house is on. The house is your web site. In this case, you pay rent to a host so you can park your web site there

Q: How long does it take to get a web site going?
A: Generally, I can have a domain registered, hosted and the site framework in place within 48 hours once we agree to go ahead. If you have a deadline, we can discuss it and I’ll try to meet it. The most common delay is waiting for content and images from my client, so having that ready at the beginning will greatly accelerate the process if you are in a rush.

Q: Can we do this by email or phone or do I have to arrange a meeting?
A: We can do this by phone or email. It’s your preference. Although I eventually meet many of my clients, most sites are set up, designed and completed via email and phone conversations. (Got to admit, I have met some really cool people doing this gig.)

Q: So what do I get when I say I want a good looking, optimized business web site?
A: Generally, it will contain several pages of content. A layout that you like. Photo album/portfolio. Mailing list widget, Facebook link, Twitter, desired feeds, your blog if you want, contact forms … you name it and I’ll see what I can come up with. And IMPORTANTLY your site can be optimized to appear as high as possible on Google and various other search engines. Most of my web sites are at the top or on the first page.

Q: OK, when all is said and done, is the web site mine? Can I do what I want with it? Can I do my own changes, get rid of it, redesign it … give it to a friend or relative? Can I use it in a court of law?
A: Don’t know about that last bit, but as your designer I hold no rights to your site. You pay me to set it up and design it and maintain it if that’s part of the contract … but the site is ALWAYS yours to do whatever you want with. The domain is registered in your name. If at any time you want to switch hosts or domain registrars, you can.