About Raindog Webs


I am the owner & operator of Raindog Webs and here is my story.

Well, I’ve been nerding out to web design and its technical aspects for the last 25 years. It all started during college; was getting my license to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine in Victoria, BC. A few of my fellow students asked if I’d design web sites for them, so using the now defunct ‘Front Page’ system I unleashed myself into that world. The dabbling continued and I was then asked to maintain and design a site for my college. Those early days offered me a lot of experience and you could say the ‘hobby’ stuck.

Down the road, my wife and I moved to Parksville, and after retiring from my acupuncture practice I worked as a road technician. Fixing things is what I do! At the same time I started a web design business on the side called ‘Design Menu.’ Over the years I set up and hosted numerous sites in that area and beyond. I had many wonderful and happy customers, some of which I am in touch with to this very day.

About a decade later I moved into a corporate setting and took on a management position looking after a large parts and service department for a Victoria appliance retailer and servicer. A few years in, I finally decided to hand the web business over to a trusted acquaintance in order to focus more on my managerial position.

Fast forward to now, a few years later, I have officially retired from the corporatocracy and along with gardening and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest am back to doing one of my first loves, web design. It is truly an enjoyable endeavor as it offers me satisfaction in a creative aspect as well as harmonizing with my geeky side. Plus, I enjoy working with people on collaborative projects.

So, if you are someone that has a small business, or an organization … or maybe even a blog … and you are also a person that has better things to do than fiddle around with hosting, web site design and web maintenance, then my services are for you.

I take pride in my work and believe in offering services at a fair price, but most of all I have talent and experience in the field. And I have my Dad to thank for these qualities as he always was an example of honesty and integrity in his business dealings. I’m truly proud to have worked with him in my younger years.

As the saying goes, we all stand on the shoulders of giants. The platform I use, WordPress, is the world’s leading web platform, and on top of that I am able to use templates, themes and plugins that have been produced by the sweat and ingenuity of others in this field. My role for your business is to give you a great looking web presence and offer all the steps from start to finish. I will guide you through the domain registration process, then from there I can set up a host for you, design a site and keep it maintained and secure. You can relax and do what you are good at without worrying about the technical challenges of keeping a website going.

Well, that’s about it. I look forward to hearing from you and know that I can offer you a valuable service for your business.

Regards, Daniel Schalm